medzinárodný horský sprievodca UIMLA

Why is an international mountain leader the right companion?

Compared to a mountain guide in Slovakia, an international mountain leader is a young profession, but even though this profession did not officially exist in our country, it has always been accompanied in the mountains. Whether they were hunters, poachers, foresters or just local mountaineers, they accompanied tourists, nature lovers and mountains on hiking trails or just on those animals. But since 2011 this profession has already existed in our country. Our mountain leaders have an internationally recognized education and are members of UIMLA. So why go hiking with a mountain leader?

  • is familiar with local conditions
  • knows the surrounding nature, plants, animals, valleys and cliffs
  • he is trained to recognize the danger and minimize it
  • in case of a critical situation he is trained to manage it (first aid, improvised rescue)
  • in each tour, its presence is an added value
  • in the High Tatras it can legally take you even off the marked trails
  • has liability insurance for damage caused to the client in the performance of its activities

Where can a mountain leader take you in the Tatras?

The mountain leader can accompany you in the High Tatras in addition to all marked trails outside. The list of options is therefore very long, but we have selected the most popular ones for you, as well as other favorites. But if you are interested in a hike in the Tatras, which you did not find in our lists, do not despair and contact us.

The most popular led Tatra tours

  • Končistá
  • Malý Ľadový štít
  • Granátová lávka

Mountain leader and other Tatra hikes

Ideas for another hikes in the High Tatras, available with a mountain leader

  • Kolový štít
  • Baranie rohy
  • Huncovský štít
  • Východná Slavkovská veža
  • Svišťový štít
  • Kozia stráž
  • Tupá
  • Volovec Mengusovský
  • Mengusovské sedlo
  • Patria
  • Malá Bašta
  • Mlynické Solisko
  • Furkotský štít a Hrubý vrch
  • Sedielková kopa
  • Chalubinského vráta

Contact us for other options.